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 Haixin Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Haixin Institute") is registered in Lingshui County, Hainan Province, and its major shareholder belongs to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Haidian District, Beijing. Relying on the strategic opportunity period of Beijing and Hainan Province deeply open up, with digital low-carbon technology as the core, linking global resources. Through consulting services, Haixin Institute is committed to providing customers with better decision-making support, enabling enterprises, parks and governments to transform to digital, green and international. Haixin Institute consists of four business centers, namely carbon Consulting Center, Capacity Building Center, Policy Consulting and Strategic Planning Center, and Digital Trade Center.

The target customers include entity enterprises, financial institutions, industrial parks, governments, etc.

1. Carbon consulting center

Carbon consulting services provided include:

(1) Carbon inventory. Find out the carbon emissions background, carbon footprint certification

(2) Carbon emission management consulting. This includes designing carbon reduction technologies, the establishment and optimization of organizational structure and institutional processes, IT support systems, and the development of low-carbon strategies

(3) Carbon finance. Sustainable finance, including CCER development and trading (application for trading seats), green fund / bond / credit investment decision support, risk management plan, and ESG report disclosure

unified plan

Special planning

Investment and financing decision support

Resource import

ü Carbon inventory

ü Carbon reduction path design

ü Strategic planning for emission reduction

ü Low-carbon pilot design scheme

ü Carbon emission reduction and carbon sink projects are open

ü Clean energy opening and energy saving and consumption reduction plan

ü Waste treatment and resource utilization plan

ü Help green bonds

ü Help domestic green finance / climate investment and financing products

ü Help the green development fund

ü Docking with competent authorities to create industry benchmark demonstration: standards, carbon labels, carbon neutral products

ü Docking with stakeholders, such as carbon exchanges, carbon trading parties, etc

2. Capacity building center

Customers include enterprises within and outside the system, and the capacity building templates provided include:

The curriculum is distinguished between technical and non-technical categories




Entry stage

New into the staff

Ordinary employees

administrative staff

Executive layer


Non-technical training

Management skills courses

Special course

Vocational skills courses

technically training

Professional skills courses

Sales Skills Course

3. The Center for Policy Research and Strategic Planning

(1) Policy consulting

The core focuses on the interpretation of the relevant policies of Beijing and Hainan, such as the Work Plan of Supporting Beijing in Deepening the Construction of the Comprehensive Demonstration Zone for Expanding the Opening of the National Service Industry and the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port

(2) strategic planning

The core focuses on the key capabilities of strategic planning, asset acquisition and grade A design, integrates the direction of green technology and frontier industries in Europe and the United States, reshaping the industrial vitality of local economy and the transformation value of related enterprises, and provides customers with feasibility study report consulting services

4.  Digital Trade Center

Focusing on the opportunity of China's intensified opening up and the revision of the new WTO rules, we will carry out research and consultation on digital trade and participate in the business chain of global digital trade at the right time.


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