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Engineering Services

Haixin offers comprehensive technical solutions and integrated services for industrial transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and environmental governance, and green development in the energy and chemical industries.

Wuhan Jinzhong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (JZEC in short) is a professional engineering design company with the Grade-A qualification in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. It has the Grade-A qualification in engineering credit evaluation (engineering consultation) and specialized equipment design for pressure vessels and pressure pipelines. The company has received numerous national, provincial, and ministerial awards for excellent engineering design and scientific and technological achievements. In addition, it has amassed more than 30 national patents.

Suzhou Hengsheng New Material Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Hengsheng in short) provides high-end hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing services. It holds the Grade III qualification for general contracting in petrochemical engineering construction, the Grade III qualification for professional contracting in electromechanical installation engineering, and a safety license for building construction enterprises.

Unique Services

JZEC provides project management and design support for Haixin's clean energy business, and undertaken engineering designs for various core technologies, including suspended bed hydrogenation, biofuel oil processing, low-pressure ruthenium-based synthetic ammonia and fixed bed Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax.

The Chinese-English translation of the provided phrase is: "We strive to connect all aspects of hydrogen energy production (hydrogen produced by water electrolysis, methanol/natural gas/ammonia cracking), storage (skid-mounted synthetic ammonia, liquid hydrogen storage), and utilization through Suzhou Hengsheng as the platform, and provide users with EPC project contracting, skid-mounted equipment manufacturing, and other products.

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