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Incorporated in 1997 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300072), Beijing Haixin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Haixin for short) is a holding listed company under Beijing Haidian State-owned Assets Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Haidian Investment Group).

With the strong support from the Party Committee, the Government and the SASAC of Haidian District, and Haidian Investment Group, Haixin has committed to serving major national strategic needs, actively promoting the achievement of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and implementing the new national energy security strategy. As a Chinese pioneer in the sector, Haixin has applied the suspended-bed hydrogenation technology to its hydrocarbon-based biodiesel  production and established stable cooperative relationships with oil majors and traders around the world, continued to build up its biofuel production and processing bases and optimized its allocation of all factor resources for bioenergy; actively participated in setting industry standards for hydrocarbon-based biodiesel; and actively promoted domestic biodiesel trials and facilitated in-depth research and promotion of the biofuel application in the aviation field.

Being committed to blazing new trails, Haixin has grown into an innovation entity. It has constantly expanded its main businesses: bioenergy, catalytic purification (environmental materials), featured chemicals and engineering services, innovatively developed its proprietary techniques, processes, equipment and products for the industry, and aggressively enhanced their application in various sectors and across the world, effectively responding to developmental needs in the new era and fully demonstrating its strength and quality as a Chinese state-owned enterprise in a new global landscape.

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Corporate Culture

Mission: Making the Best of Everything

Vision: To be the global leader in green energy and chemicals and a trailblazer in bioenergy.

Party Building: Under the strong guidance of the Party Committee of Haidian Investment Group, Haixin has promoted its business development by strengthening the party building. It has integrated the party building with corporate management, translated the "soft power" of the party building into the "hard support" for its development, and faithfully fulfilled its social responsibilities, demonstrating its sense of responsibility as a state-owned enterprise in the new era.

Social Responsibility: Haixin is committed to serving the major strategic needs of the nation, energetically responding to the concerns of all the stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers and partners, and striving to achieve the comprehensive and sustainable development of the economy, environment and society.

Honors and Qualifications



Established as Sanju Chemical 


Renamed as Beijing Sanju Environmental New Material Limited.


Acquired Shenyang Catalyst Factory.


Renamed as Beijing Sanju Environmental New Material Co., Ltd.


Debuted on the ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Established Fujian Sanju-Fuzhou University National Fertilizer Catalyst Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd.


Provided desulfurization services for oil and gas fields in the U.S.


Completed the test run of the supersuspended bed and established the Biomass Green Engineering Technology Center.


Achieved a tech breakthrough in heavy oil processing with the MCT supersuspended bed and raised the yield coefficient of light oil to 89.01%.


Haidian SASAC acquired a controlling stake in Sanju.


Launched the strategic transformation, diversifying beyond its core segment biofuels into integrated biomass utilization and green energy development, processing hydrocarbon-based biodiesel with the suspended bed technique and exporting more than 20,000 tons of its products to Europe. Installed and operated the first ruthenium-based low-temperature and low-pressure synthetic ammonia plant in China.


Completed the test run of the 200,000 tons/year cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis plant, with its independently developed "iron-ruthenium-catalyzed" ammonia synthesis technique, the first-ever internationally-leading breakthrough in the sector in China, obtaining the appraise and the first prize from China PetroChemical Federation.


Completed the test run of Shandong Sanju's 400,000 tons/year bioenergy project and worked with Fuzhou University and Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. on the ammonia-hydrogen energy innovation platform for major industries, the first-ever in China.


Renamed Beijing Haixin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and launched the oil and gas desulfurization operation in New Mexico, U.S. In addition, the Standards for hydrocarbon-based biodiesel it had jointly developed was also put into effect.

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