Centered on its main business segment: Bioenergy, Haixin has established a comprehensive system of businesses and a complete industrial chain from R&D, manufacturing and sourcing to marketing, with each link ISCC-certified, and has a carbon emission reduction ratio of over 80% Haixin has production or processing facilities in Rizhao, Shandong; Lingao, Hainan; Hebi, Henan; Heze, Shandong; and Anyang, Henan, and a total annual production capacity of 400,000 tons

Environmental Materials

Haixin produces and sells various functional chemicals, including catalysts and purification agents, and provides related technical services, with its core product lines leading their domestic peers both in quality and technology and some being even better than international brands Shenyang Sanjukaite Catalyst Co , Ltd , one of the earliest players, has an annual overall production capacity of about 20,000 tons of catalysts As the leading catalyst producer in China, it has been honored with various titles: the high-tech enterprise in Liaoning, the small tech giant in Shenyang, the model enterprise in energy conservation and emission reduction in Shenyang and the model entity in work safety in Shenyang

Specialized Chemicals

Haixin s specialized chemicals are widely used in various fields, serving daily production and life Daqing Sanju Energy Purification Co , Ltd has established a 50,000-ton year styrene and neopentyl glycol plant, the first in China to employ hydrogenation technology for neopentyl production, breaking the monopoly of mid high-end markets by foreign companies Inner Mongolia Sanju Jiajing New Energy Co , Ltd produces 140,000 tons of LNG and 100,000 tons of synthetic ammonia a year through the comprehensive utilization of LNG exhaust

Engineering Services

Haixin offers comprehensive technical solutions and integrated services for industrial transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and environmental governance, and green development in the energy and chemical industries

Green technology services

Haixin Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Haixin Institute ") is registered in Lingshui County, Hainan Province, and its major shareholder belongs to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Haidian District, Beijing Relying on the strategic opportunity period of Beijing and Hainan Province deeply open up, with digital low-carbon technology as the core, linking global resources Through consulting services, Haixin Institute is committed to providing customers with better decision-making support, enabling enterprises, parks and governments to transform to digital, green and international Haixin Institute consists of four business centers

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