Technological Innovation


R&D System

Scientific and technological innovation, as well as large-scale applications, are the core competitive advantages of the company. The company is particularly focused on market demands related to China’s sustainable development, such as optimizing the energy structure, enhancing the ecological environment, and establishing a circular economy. It regards scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for development, and has established a comprehensive system for scientific and technological innovation. Furthermore, the company develops technologies, processes, equipment, and products with independent intellectual property rights.

The company is a Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, and a Beijing municipal intellectual property demonstration unit.

The company has two national-level research platforms, two municipal-level research platforms in Beijing, four independent R&D centers, and one first-class engineering design institute.

Innovation Platform

  • One Grade-A engineering design institute

    Wuhan Jinzhong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Two national research platforms

    Fujian Sanju-Fuzhou University National Fertilizer Catalyst Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd.
    and China PetroChemical Desulfurization and Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Research Center

  • Two municipal research platforms

    Desulfurization, Purification and Environmental Protection Technology Beijing Engineering Laboratory and Beijing Enterprise Technology Center

  • Four independent R&D centers

    Beijing R&D Center,
    Shenyang R&D Center,
    Hebi Suspended Bed Hydrogenation Technology Center and Hainan Green Research Institute

Beijing R&D Center

It primarily conducts R&D in areas such as hydrocarbon-based biofuel hydrogenation processes and deoxygenation catalysts, hydroisomerization catalysts, bio-based chemicals, purifying agents, direct biomass liquefaction, and pitch-based carbon materials. It has successfully developed a series of hydrogenation catalysts suitable for both fixed-bed and suspended-bed applications, and desulfurizing agents, and dechlorinating agents.

Hainan Green Research Institute

It primarily carries out research on industrial policy information, domestic and international trends in new technology development, new products, as well as carbon footprint and product life cycle.

Hebi Suspended Bed Hydrogenation Technology Center

It is primarily engaged in research on the suspended-bed hydrogenation process, catalyst development, evaluation of raw material adaptability, and hydrogenation pilot testing. This center provided technical support for the successful initial start-up and stable operation of China’s first self-developed super-suspended bed hydrogenation industrial unit.

Technological research and engineering development for the preparation of biofuels using a suspended bed are in progress.

Shenyang R&D Center

It mainly conducts research on the development of specialized purifying agents, new catalysts, and scale-up processes. The center has successfully developed a series of purifying agents, including desulfurizing agents, dechlorinating agents, arsenic-removing agents, and mercury-removing agents. Additionally, joint development has led to the development of isomerization dewaxing catalysts, FT synthesis catalysts, acetic acid hydrogenation catalysts, and other products.

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