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Centered on its main business segment: Bioenergy, Haixin has established a comprehensive system of businesses and a complete industrial chain from R&D, manufacturing and sourcing to marketing, with each link ISCC-certified, and has a carbon emission reduction ratio of over 80%. Haixin has production or processing facilities in Rizhao, Shandong; Lingao, Hainan; Hebi, Henan; Heze, Shandong; and Anyang, Henan, and a total annual production capacity of 400,000 tons.

Shandong Sanju Bioenergy Co., Ltd. employs an advanced combination of suspended bed and fixed bed technology to achieve an annual production and processing capacity of 400,000 tons for bioenergy raw materials. Hainan Huanyu New Energy Co., Ltd. is a modern and eco-friendly energy enterprise that specializes in oil trading, the recovery, storage, and utilization of waste mineral oil, as well as the research and development, production, and sales of hydrocarbon-based biodiesel. Haixin Energy Technology International (Singapore) Co., Ltd. and Sanju Environmental Protection (Hong Kong) Limited are crucial supply and marketing platforms for hydrocarbon-based biodiesel, conducting international trade sales through direct selling.

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MCT suspended bed technology for hydrocarbon-based biodiesel production has significant competitive advantages: First, it has lower requirements on raw material impurity, thus eliminating the need for pre-refining or preprocessing and being more adaptable to the processing of raw materials with higher acid values and higher impurity; second, its catalysts can be recycled and replenished on the site, thus ensuring continuous operation; and third, its product quality is on par with or higher than the marketable level, thus eliminating the need for further refining. Its hydrocarbon-based biodiesel exports have higher calorific values, lower oxygen contents, larger cetane numbers, and extremely low aromatics and sulfur contents (sulfur contents: lower than 1 ppm; polycyclic aromatics contents: lower than 1%; and cetane numbers: greater than 70), thus having the highest quality among the comparable products.

Haixin also produces bio-naphtha and has the expertise and experience in producing sustainable aviation fuels using renewable resources.

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