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Specialized Chemicals

Haixin's specialized chemicals are widely used in various fields, serving daily production and life. Daqing Sanju Energy Purification Co., Ltd. has established a 50,000-ton/year styrene and neopentyl glycol plant, the first in China to employ hydrogenation technology for neopentyl production, breaking the monopoly of mid/high-end markets by foreign companies. Inner Mongolia Sanju Jiajing New Energy Co., Ltd. produces 140,000 tons of LNG and 100,000 tons of synthetic ammonia a year through the comprehensive utilization of LNG exhaust.

Featured Products

The main products are styrene, neopentyl glycol, LNG, and liquid ammonia. In addition to polystyrene resin production, styrene is also used in pharmaceuticals, fuels, pesticides and mineral processing. Neopentyl glycol is widely used in automobiles, textiles, medicine and other sectors. LNG can replace fuel oil or coal as industrial special fuels and green fuel in public transportation and urban residential life. Liquid ammonia is widely used as a raw material for chemical fertilizers, medicines and pesticides and also as a refrigerant in producing propellants for rockets and missiles.

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